Why do you need Instagram and Facebook?

I have been an entrepreneur for decades. I love possibilities and areas of our world that need a certain type of business created. I call these areas holes in our universe. It’s a place where something is not connected to another place and if it where everyone would benefit.

Mark Zuckerberg connected these holes and his net worth right now is about 77.6 billion dollars!

When Facebook was created it was used to connect families and friends. Today it is a business platform like none other.

With Facebook, you can target an audience no matter what your niche is, post blogs, set up ads and run campaigns.

There has never been a marketing platform like Facebook!

Instagram is quick content and beautiful engaging pictures. This helps to build your brand, be authentic and show a side of your business that is not normally seen. Instagram has over 800 million users and 30% of them purchase products. Instagram is a marketing platform that every business needs to be part of.

Facebook and Instagram are similar but very different, they capture two completely different audiences, while working together to build your brand.

In the wedding business, visual content is your first impression to attract your bride. If you are using these platforms correctly, consistently and being authentic you will capture that bride!

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