Wedding Trends

Weddings, clothing, food, housing styles, and just about everything in our lives follow trends.

If you are in the wedding business, you should know what trends are current and what is coming. Why? Because, brides follow the latest trends on Social Media.

Last year, 90% of the weddings that were booked, the brides first saw the vendor or venue through posts or pictures on Pinterest, Instagram or facebook. This is huge!!

Make sure you are posting pictures of current trends on social media, this will help attract brides.

We are seeing signs of the next wedding trend; smaller and more creative weddings. Many brides will be focusing on connection, creativity, experience, less stress and spending less money. They want an intimate experience that is memorable without the stress of planning a big wedding.

We are already seeing more elopements, intimate weddings, court house weddings, and creative pop up weddings this year.

The wedding dress designers are creating the next generation of bridal wear; courthouse bride collections, chic pants suits, simple and elegant gowns, jumpsuits, ruffles, capes, bows and dresses that have color.

And, as far as venues go; the rustic look will be taking a backseat to a more industrial look, that will be softened by lush greenery and bright florals.

Color is coming back, with colorful table settings and florals. Blush and Rose Gold are out.

Bride and grooms will be looking for an all-inclusive experience, but with choices, and less time spent making so many decisions.

Millennials want a different experience and they are your target market. Many of them are paying for their own wedding or at least a big chunk of it and they don’t want to go into debt for their wedding. But, they still want a beautiful ceremony and memory.

As you plan for spring 2019 keep all this in mind and let your creative juices flow!

I am really excited about the next trend because we are going to see some amazingly creative weddings!




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