Should You List Your Prices on Your Website?

In past years, about 50 percent of event sites added pricing to their websites. If the venue was higher end, the less pricing you would see. I am now seeing more packages, offers and price ranges listed for all venues.

Do you list or not?   First ask yourself, who is your target market.

When you have figured that out, (I will be writing another blog about the importance of knowing that answer) the next question is, do you want to reach an additional market?

Certain markets and age groups search for specific things. Google searches have changed our world and clients can search by areas and then pricing.

Adding pricing can be a slippery slope. If you add your prices and it is outside of a bride’s budget she will not contact you. It could be that you could offer her a weekday or an area on the property that doesn’t have to be tented for less. Sometimes you can work within their budget on slower times of the year. But, she will not contact you because your price was too high. There are also brides that see a low price tag and feel that the venue must have something wrong with it and won’t make contact.

On the flip side; if you don’t list you’re pricing, you require a consultation and you are way out of her budget, you have wasted your time and the bride’s time.

I feel packages or price ranges are a great way to go. It gives the potential client an idea of where you are and you have the control to add on or subtract depending on circumstances.

Remember, pricing is subjective to the condition of the venue and relative to specific areas.  The competition is growing quickly, make sure you are capturing all your potential leads.

Cheers, Lisa

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