What is image? “It is an outward impression, one projected to the public”

Many things can prohibit us from looking our best like; family, children, careers, and lack of time. We get caught in a rut with our personal style. The years go by and we are still using that same technique for makeup or wearing that same suit or outfit that we wore ten years ago. We don’t know how to change or where to begin. Our body type changes as we age and what was appropriate to wear years ago is now different.

The way we feel about where we are in life is reflected on the outside through our appearance. Each of us transmits personal signals about out self-esteem everyday in subtle ways. When we feel good about how we look there is a spring in our step, a smile on our face, and a sparkle in our eyes. We feel confident and productive.

There is a close interrelation between the inner and outer you. There is a power of each to change the other.

Here are some questions Lisa will ask you to see if you need some image help:

  • Do you have a job where you need to look polished, sharp, on top of your game? If so, do you have clothing that supports your position?
  • How often do you go to your closet and not feel comfortable with anything you have?
  • Have you lost or gained weight in the recent years and now do not know how to dress or don’t have any idea what looks good?
  • Do you know what is currently in style for suits, clothing and shoes? Do you try and stay updated?
  • Do you know your true size and style?

Image consulting is another of Lisa’s passions. “I see so many men and women who are amazing on the inside but lack confidence on the outside”. Lisa takes each person through a transforming process from cleaning out your closet, shopping and finally, organizing your wardrobe. It is a life changing experience and will help you make better choices in the future. Lisa teaches you how to buy for your body type, how to mix and match, how to look styled and put together no matter your size, age or body type. Lisa has worked with sizes starting at 2 all the way up to size 18. Its all in the clothing, fit and attitude of the person. Lisa would love to work with you and help transform you from head to toe.

We are given opportunities in our lives to make changes. This is now your opportunity. You have worked hard on the inside, now is the time for the outside. Lisa would love to be part of the outward process with you. We offer a complete step-by-step Image Consulting program. Many clients who have gone through the program said it was life changing.

Prices starting at $100.00 an hour or purchase a package for better savings.

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