Marketing Your Wedding Business

As I travel and write blogs on wedding venues and vendors, it is very clear which ones spend money on marketing their wedding business and which ones don’t.

The businesses that are using effective marketing platforms, social media paid ads and current strategies are consistently booked while many of the others are not.

Marketing for weddings is very specific, and unlike many sales/service type of businesses the customer is a onetime sale. This means that a wedding business needs constant and continuous lead generation. I gave a presentation recently and had someone ask why a busy venue would need my marketing support. The answer, you never stop marketing.

Booking weddings is a numbers game, not every bride will book with you. And, to add to that, not all wedding business owners are good closers. Weddings are sales, and sales are all about numbers. What is your close rate? How many brides interview you and how many of those book the date? How many brides do you need to book per year? From that number how many brides do you need to interview in order to achieve that goal?

Historically, marketing has always been a hard subject and many owners, when hearing that word cringe. It usually means money and time they don’t have. It does not have to be this difficult.

Social media is the #1 way to connect to your brides. Over 90% of brides last year connected with their wedding business choices first in social media. That is huge! Instagram and Pinterest are leading the way with a strong third in Facebook.

Targeting your client, posting consistent relevant material, showing beautiful images and paying to boost your ads is the way to get the leads you need. You can literally turn your business around in six months working with someone who knows wedding marketing.

It’s your choice, all the business you want or struggling financially. I think it’s a pretty easy choice. You chose to open your business, now make it great!


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