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I am a firm believer that what we eat makes the difference of how successful our lives are.

Many believe that all trim, slim people are healthy. Many believe that the FDA looks after us. Many believe that people like me are crazy or “health nuts”. Many believe that eating healthy will break the bank or that they don’t have the time. And finally, many believe that they have eaten this way for such a long time and they cannot change.

All of this is untrue.

Eating for health and wellness is about living life at a higher level, it changes us.

We, the “health nuts “of the planet, vibrate at much higher levels than those who choose the easier path. Our brains and bodies are fed what they need. Therefore, we are not only more active, but we are more mentally aware and sharper. We have sustained energy levels; we do not allow food and cravings to run our lives. Our bank accounts are not affected by the cost of food because we pay much less for health insurance and doctors visits. We are sick very little and do not miss work.

We age better; our organs and bodies are not taxed daily with overloads of toxins, sugar and stress. These are some of the reasons why people are choosing the path less traveled.

Below is an interview with a family I have been working with. They chose to change their diet and you can read first hand the impact it has had on their family. One of the children has Autism and his changes have been beautiful!  It has not been easy for them, but the benefits largely outweigh the work involved.


  1. What kind of food do you normally eat? What kind of food did you eat for most of your life?

“I started my days with coffee, creamer and would typically drink that all morning. Maybe, 3-4 cups to keep me going. I would eat cereal, granola or maybe toast. Everything was processed. We did not understand what processed food was. We thought it was fast food like McDonalds. For lunch I typically ate something quick or ate out for lunch appointments. I would snack on a granola bar. For dinner, I ate a lot of meat. Always some sort of noodles and a vegetable with it. Meat, cheese, bread were staples in my diet”.

  1. What does your family eat?

“They were eating a lot of sugary snacks like chips. We drank lots of milk, ate a lot of meat and bread, ate very little fresh fruit or vegetables”.

  1. What do you drink daily; soda, coffee, sports drinks ect?

“I used to drink coffee and some sport drinks. Coffee was my choice drink and it had to have sugary creamer in it”.

  1. What does your family’s diet look like? Please tell us about Jake and what he has been diagnosed with.

“Jake was born 123 days early and spent that time in a Denver NICU. He weighed 1 pound 12 ounces. He was a miracle baby. He has always been a fighter, and it has been one hell of a fight for him, and us. He has had over 20 diagnoses over his lifetime with many of them coming from ages 3-10 as he developed and we noticed the many delays and significant struggles in his life. His larger diagnoses are ADHD, Aspergers/Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Asthma”.

  1. What does Jake eat/drink and why?

“For the last few years we have added some specific elements to Jake’s diet. There have been two major struggles in relation to nutrition and food since birth—eating and drinking. Jake has had an aversion to both! He has always disliked drinking and still has a struggle with it. His eating has gotten better but he has never had much of an appetite.

His weight was not keeping up with his growth and that took us down the path of him eating much more “fats” and “calories” to bump his weight up. After about a year of this we noticed his cholesterol rising to over 200. We were told to take him off this diet and move him to a “protein based” diet. We were prescribed a protein to include in with his drinks, and  three daily drinks for him to drink. He also was eating more food with fiber in it and we were watching his sugar intake”.

  1. What was your energy like and Jakes energy level?

“Energy levels for both were down. It was hard to wake up. Not difficulty staying awake, just never feeling like we were fully awake”.

  1. What dietary issues do you now see by what you were eating?

“I see how our diet was keeping us in a place that neither one of us could really feel good or be mentally fully awake during the day”.

  1. When did you drink your first green smoothie with Lisa and why?

“Lisa visited me in CO from Nov. 9-16, 10 weeks ago. We were out and she said, “I’m going to buy you your first green juice. Will you drink it?” She went on to tell me about how they have helped her. I tried it because I have an adventurer’s spirit and because I value her opinion. But, it wasn’t easy. I am not a “health nut” is what I was saying inside”.

  1. What was happening to your body and mind as you continued to drink green smoothies daily?

“The reaction was immediate. I felt an immediate spike in my awareness and aliveness. I’ve been consistently drinking juice and smoothies since and seeing a steady stream of energy that I have never had before.  I am sleeping less, awake more. And when I am awake, my ability to connect and understand the world around me has been tremendously heightened”.

  1. When did you introduce your family and Jake to smoothies and healthier eating?

“Probably a week after I started. So, the week before Thanksgiving”.

  1. How long did it take before you started to see an improvement in your mental and physical state

after starting the smoothies?

“I felt it immediately. But, I did hit a wall when my body was starting to shed all the toxins in my system”.

  1. How long for Jake? What did the doctors say? What was he eating and drinking daily?

What did you change with him?

“I saw in immediate change in Jake. We went to his Doctor a month after he started drinking the smoothies. She was shocked to hear how he was doing. His energy had exploded. He was more awake in the morning. He has always been a good artist, but his drawings started to explode.  I was able to talk with him about larger concepts, he was able to grasp ideas he had not understood before. I saw an explosion in his personality”.

  1. What were Jakes test results after only a month?

“The doctor did the usual blood work and told us his cholesterol numbers had dropped from 230 to 180. We will be doing this same blood work again soon to see where it is now”.

  1. 13. You have now added juicing in to your diet along with green smoothies. How is that going? Have you lost weight?

“Yes, I have added juicing. It is going well. Like everyone, finding time is a challenge. But, I see the difference the days I do, and don’t juice. I lost 12 pounds the first month and have kept that off for the second. I am at my ideal body weight”.

  1. Did you change your family’s diet?

“I started actually listening to Lisa, and doing research. I always knew how bad corn syrup, and sugar where but had no idea just how much we were all taking in! I decided to start with the “staples” in our diet. I went through our home and threw a lot of what we had in the trash. This included the processed cheese, wheat bread, milk, and many other things”.

  1. How is that going?

“It is going really well. I started shopping at local stores, Sprouts and Vitamin Cottage and adding more ingredients to my smoothies and juice. I stopped purchasing red meat and pork because of how awful I felt after eating them. I am only purchasing healthier items to have around the house for myself and my boys to eat. I have found this easy to follow as my body is not craving the crap I used to have around”.

  1. How are you feeling? Would you ever go back to eating junk? What are your goals from here?

“I am feeling great. I have no desire to go back to junk. The pain is not worth the indulge. I am finding there are small things, like dark chocolate and healthier ice cream that I can eat when I want sweets.

My goals are to continue to eat healthy and develop a more consistent diet. I am seeing my love for cooking blossom and seeing that come out in my two youngest boys as well. Especially in Jake, as he loves to cook and create his own special smoothies”!

  1. If there was one thing that you feel you could say that would change the public view on juicing and eating healthy clean food, what would it be?

“I love food. I love eating. I don’t love the way I have felt from eating most of my life. I have removed a lot of horrible eating habits. BUT, it wasn’t until I started juicing and removing corn syrup and other horrible elements in my diet, that I felt so incredible. This has affected every area of my life”!

  1. To parents of children with special needs what would you say to them?

“Diet is pivotal. We have watched this for many years. The effects on Jakes mood, appetite, adaptability, school work, artistic abilities, anxiety, and others, have been incredible. I say, try it for a few weeks and see if this can help your child. Include your child in the process of deciding what she/he wants in her drinks and see how this healthier substitute can help”!

  1. How do you feel Lisa added value and help as you went through this process? How does she continue to help and support your healthy journey?

“Lisa’s constant encouragement and experience has been invaluable. She has an innate ability to really get me and understand the road blocks that are involved in changing what, and how, I eat. She understands how difficult it is in an environment overflowing with fast/processed food.

Lisa has assisted me in being there with advice and encouragement whenever I have asked. She reaches out to check in with me and make sure I am doing well. This attention has been a huge boost in continuing this journey that will go on for the rest of my life! I am extremely thankful to have Lisa in my life”!


If you like what you have just read and want to know more about how my program works you can call or email me.

I would love to hear from you.

Cheers to your health!

Lisa Hall


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