Green and Eco Friendly Weddings

Daily, we are seeing and hearing phrases like; sustainable, eco friendly, green, farm to table, and buy local. This movement is getting stronger everyday and it is here to stay. Our world is finally seeing the negative effect we have had on our planet and wanting to do something about it. This sustainable movement encompasses food, housing, how we live and how we conduct business.

Brides and clients are starting to search for green and eco friendly venues. The generation leading this push are the Millennials. There are over 92 million Millennials and they are spending about 600 billion dollars a year. They are dedicated to a healthy way of living for themselves and the planet. So guess what?!

This is yet another whole market that every one of you can pull business from!

I am witnessing this first hand because my daughter is getting married in a few weeks. She is in that age group and it has been interesting working with her on the wedding and her ideas. This has been very informative for me to understand how they view large events and weddings. It is almost a minimalistic viewpoint.

Some examples of an eco friendly wedding are; going paperless, all arrangements are live and can be replanted, food is sourced local, all leftover food  is donated or composted, decorations are repurposed, wedding dresses now are even repurposed, and large plant décor is landscaped into the venue. These are but a few examples but you get the idea.

The green wedding trend is building fast! Many event venues are not on board with it yet and if you start working towards this goal, you will pick up new business. As another bonus, you can charge a bit more for being a green venue.

Set yourself apart. Go big, go green or go home!

Cheers, Lisa

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