Facebook Marketing

As you know, Facebook has changed its platform for ads, advertising and campaigns. What used to work to bring in new business is no longer is effective.

However, the new Facebook advertising is probably the best target marketing that has ever existed.

Used properly, you can reach your targeted client and you can sell them the product they are looking for within hours.

Ok, so this is really good news, so what’s the problem?

The biggest issues are the time and money it takes to learn and invest in the new Facebook and Instagram platforms.

It is all paid advertising and you want to make sure that your dollars are used to bring in new business and not just get likes.

It used to be that we were after more clicks, likes and comments which are Vanity Metrics. We have realized that not much of that translates into dollars.

Paid social advertising allows us to measure each ad and has taught us that we want more Valued Metrics.

What am I saying?

I recommend you pay someone to market for you or you take classes to learn how to properly market your business. This is a new landscape and if you are not keeping up with it, you will be left behind.

The beauty of this is that you can literally turn your business around in a year. The power of this type of advertising is endless!! You can reach anyone, anywhere instantly.

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