It’s 2019, a new year, a new you and all that jazz. I feel that 2019 is going to be a crossroads year for small business.


Business is constantly changing, staying in the know and proper marketing is the key to any successful business. In the past few years social media marketing has sky rocketed into “the way” to reach your customer.


Many small businesses are still not onboard and don’t understand how it all works and unfortunately those businesses will fall away.

The owners who understand where we are and where we are going will continue to lead the pack.


As for change, it is constant. For example, a couple of years ago we were all told that everything needed to be staged, scripted and automated.

Well guess what?! The public is not buying that now.

In 2019 social media will again take a shift. The public wants authentic video and stories, professional looking photos and relatable content.

They want to be touched and not sold too. This changes the game yet again and makes it even more difficult for owners to manage their sites and content.


I personally love where this trend is going! The public is demanding service, relationships and human touch!

So I ask you; can you do it? Do you have the time to manage your content, social media pages and website?

Can you produce an authentic marketing plan, amazing service and make sure all your employees convey the hands-on touch?

If not, hire your weakness.

Its early in the year, get on it!


It does not matter how far we evolve, we are human and we are about relationship!

Happy New Year!

Cheers, Lisa



Coming soon…I am rebranding with a new name and website.

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