Contracts, Agreements and Gifting

In generations past, people lived by a moral code that stated “you are only as good as your word”. Today however, things are quite different, your word and a handshake are not enough.

These days, you are only as good as your contract. Bottom line, contracts have to be solid, well defined and leave no room for misinterpretation.

As a venue, vendor or business owner it is your duty to make sure that the bride or client understands all language and knows exactly what to expect.

All issues and misunderstandings in life come down to unrealistic expectations or expectations not well defined by each party.

Verbal agreements have no place in business. It leaves the door wide open for problems and details that fall through that infamous crack. People hear, listen and communicate very differently. For example, you tell the client that tables are included but they pay for linens. The client hears tables and linens are included. Put it in writing! Your contract should cover everything from liability to the number of wine glasses you supply.

Another area I want to touch on is gifting. What if a venue or vendor wants to gift a family member or friend a service or a space? They still need a contract. It needs to be in writing what you are supplying for free and what they are paying for. This alleviates problems that could arise from who is paying for what.

Solve issues before they start, be proactive and always put everything in writing! This will create seamless events and happy brides and clients!

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Cheers, Lisa

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