Sneak preview for our new look starting in January!


Starting January 1st, there will be changes to the space we have been sharing.

Marla, with LAJ Foods is closing and will be working from her kitchen in Leesburg. You can continue to buy her food online through her website. Sonja with The Center, Yoga and Wellness is moving  to 21st street, down the street from our present location. Sonja will be focusing on Reiki and one on one practices.
This leaves me with a lot of space and hours! What am I going to do?

Fill it up with amazing products!

I will be adding more beauty products, candles, makeup, clothing, jewelry, and hand painted, shabby chic home furnishings.
This is very exciting for me because, I love decorating, cool clothes and jewelry! You are going to love the changes! Everything will be moderately priced and constantly changing.
One of the services I will be offering is custom painted pieces of furniture. Do you have a dresser or table you don’t like that needs a facelift? Bring it to us and we will refinish it in the colors you desire. I will be working with #JillPerla and her team.
I will be offering classes each month. The first class will be a cooking class. I will be sending out more details, cost and times of each class.
The kitchen will be for rent if you want to rent it for an event or class. I will be offering cooking parties, makeup parties and product parties. Like Vitalita’ Organics on Facebook to stay up on the latest happenings.

Holiday Shopping
I have many wonderful gifts for everyone on your list! Everyone loves our soap and lotions! They make excellent stocking stuffers and teacher gifts. How about a basket? I can make you a custom basket with your choice of products. I have gifts cards for facials, services and products. And, our new soy candles come in four scents and burn for 80 hours!
Our last day of shopping and services before Christmas will be December 22nd.
Have a wonderful holiday season!

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