The purpose of Vitalita’ is to help you achieve a higher level of living, understanding and education on natural beauty, wellness and organic living.

My Story

Much of my career, I have been exposed to harmful, toxic chemicals due to being a hair stylist. During the early years of my career, there were no organic, natural hair products or safe hair color. We were all exposed daily to high levels of ammonia, heavy metals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and hair sprays containing plastics.

I became very sick due to being exposed daily to these chemicals. I also used over the counter beauty products like; L’Oreal, Channel, Lancôme, Mary Kay, Maybelline and many others which are packed with chemicals. Mix all that toxic exposure with stressful living, being a single parent and owning a business, and sickness was inevitable for me . It has taken years to restore my health. I will never have the same energy and stamina I once had. But, I am well, I am much more insightful, I have more balance in my life, and much more peace.

I had to get rid of all the toxic chemicals, go totally organic in my eating and get the stress out of my life. Getting the chemicals out of my life was the tough part. I considered quitting my job as a hair stylist, but I truly love what I do. I had to find clean, non toxic products to use in the salon and at home. I feel that right now I have some of the best non toxic beauty products on the market.

My journey has been long but my experience brought with it self awareness and a passion to educate others about healthy and purposeful living.

Many of you have no idea the amount of toxins you take in everyday of your life. The average woman is exposed to over 200 toxic chemicals before she leaves the house in the morning in beauty products alone. This does not include the processed food we eat. Those numbers are staggering and unnecessary.

We as Americans, have not been taught to take care of our bodies. We should be eating unprocessed, chemical free food, drinking lots of fresh clean water, exercising our bodies and minds, and using products free from petro chemicals and synthetics.  It’s that simple. But, 80% of the population in the US does not heed this advice. Why, because there is no habit structure for personal wellness. We are not told the truth about product and food ingredients.

This is the number one reason why there are so many health issues, depression, and obesity in this country. The amount of harmful chemicals in our food and beauty products is too much for our bodies to handle. We could probably handle just the stress or just the toxins for short periods of time, but not both.

I  created Vitalita’ to offer a safe alternative.

I know there are many of you who are reading this who are feeling sick, drained and exhausted. Getting the toxins out of your body is the first place you need to start. (We can help with your detoxing.) You might not be experiencing symptoms as bad as I did, but it happens over time. All toxins, from everything you eat, breathe and put on your body pass through your liver. Due to the high volume, your liver cannot process all this quickly. Your liver can become toxic. It then slows down and is not filtering out harmful substances. Therefore, these toxins or poisons begin being stored in your cells and organs. This is scary because this is where disease, sickness and cancer start. Theses substances are also stored in fat cells .Being overweight and not detoxing regularly can increase your cancer rate by 30 percent.

There are hundreds of carcinogenic and petro chemicals in beauty products. These are not regulated by the FDA and they can hide the ingredients behind words like “natural” or “fragrance”. We all need to be aware and take responsibility for our health.

My mission in life is to educate and create an environment that is safe for you and your family.

My promise to you is that anything you buy at Vitalita’ or products that are being used on you have been tested and are completely safe. My products are not always organic but they will never be toxic or harmful to you or to the environment. I believe with good health we truly can achieve anything in life we set out to do. Good health gives us energy to live, love, create and give back.

Detoxifying your life is the first step to living a healthier, happier and more productive life.

I am here to help and I am looking forward to working with you.

Cheers to your health!