“Only one thing makes a dream impossible, the fear of failure”. Paulo Coelho


Lisa Hall Venue Designer

My Story

For much of my career,  I have been a spa owner, hair stylist, makeup artist and an Esthetician. I have been exposed to harmful, toxic chemicals such as; high levels of ammonia, heavy metals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and hair sprays containing plastics. During the early years of my career, there were no organic, natural hair products or safe hair color.  In 2007 I became very sick due to this daily exposure of chemicals.

It was at this pivotal point that my life took a turn. Everything in my world had to be changed if I was to get well and stay well.

Organic hair dyes or clean products were not yet on the market so I forged a new path for healthy beauty products and organic living. I jumped in head first to research everything I could about products and food. I had to relearn everything food related, cooking, and figuring out what was clean and what was not.

Many of you have no idea the amount of toxins you take in everyday of your life. The average woman is exposed to over 200 toxic chemicals before she leaves the house in the morning in beauty products alone. This does not include the processed food we eat. Those numbers are staggering and unnecessary. We as Americans, have not been taught to take care of our bodies. We should be eating unprocessed, chemical free food, drinking lots of fresh clean water, exercising our bodies and minds, and using products free from petro chemicals and synthetics.  This is the number one reason why there are so many health issues, depression, and obesity in this country. Good health gives us energy to live, love, create and give back.

I opened my first all natural/organic spa in 2009 and I closed my last location in 2017. I owned salons and spa’s for over 25 years and  I loved it. But I felt the need to move on.

I wanted an new challenge, something I was good at and passionate about. I have learned so much about business and management throughout the years. Hosting and coordinating weddings and events, decorating and business marketing have always been very strong areas for me. I decided to take all that knowledge and experience and move into the wedding event design arena.

I am very excited about my blog; The Wedding Venue, and to be working with venues to help them grow and manage their businesses.

My journey has been long but my experience brought with it self awareness and a passion to continually pursue; my dreams, healthy and purposeful living and to live in gratitude for all I have been blessed with.

Cheers to your health!