New Year Resolutions, Goals and Diets

New Year Resolutions, Goals and Diets

In case you didn’t know it’s 2016.

We hear the “new year new you” slogans everywhere.

Is it really a new you? Or are you the same you with a new year?

We all like to think that this year we will ____ fill in the blank. Maybe it’s the pounds you want to lose,the relationship you want, the money you want to make, or perhaps the trip you want to go on.

Whatever it is, you will not achieve it unless you have a strategy and a solid plan. Will power is not enough.

73% of people who join a gym on a new year resolution quit within the first 2 months. Why? Because they thought that sheer will and resolve would be enough.

I am here to tell you, it’s not enough.

What does work is; setting goals, determination, consistency, accountability, enlisting a coach, and being realistic with yourself.

Change takes time. Change is the experience. Sometimes, real change is a lifelong endeavor.

This thought process goes against what we see and hear on social media, ads and commercials. In our world things have become about instant gratification. This is why so many of us fail on our diets, resolutions and goals.

Achieving what we set out to do is a daily task. Each day we set the goal and move forward. Some days we move backwards. That’s alright, as long as the next day you move forward.

Change is a journey.

And you will not get there overnight.


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