Welcome to Vitalita’ Organics.

My mission is to help you achieve your beauty goals through using organic, natural and holistic products and services. Healthier living means having more vitality, energy, fullness of life, wellness and inner peace.



Vitalita’ (Vi-ta-li-ta’) This word gets its roots from the Italian language and from the word vitality. I chose this word for my business because it means exuberant physical strength, mental vigor, and living with a meaningful purpose.

We all strive for healthy and fulfilled lives. In order to achieve this we have to cut down on our daily toxic load.  Vitalita’ Organics is here to help you on your journey.

All products you purchase and services you receive are; natural and organic, free of toxins, free of petro chemicals and any ingredients that are harmful to us and to the environment. The products and services are safe for children, oncology patients, or those looking to lead a healthier life.

Your experience here will be like nothing you have experienced in the past. Your service includes an in depth consultation to determine the right services and products for you. Lisa has much experience and education on health and has relationships with many holistic, alternative providers. She will be able to recommend  the right healer or provider for you. Your appointment will always be on time and you will be given one on one, undivided attention. Lisa’s goal is to always be present and consistent, to build  a relationship with you , and to exceed your expectations.


Lisa Hall has been in the beauty arena for 30 years. She has owned and operated salons/spa’s for 25 years and specializes in holistic treatments for skin and hair. Lisa has worked as a hair stylist, makeup artist and she is licensed holistic aesthetician.

Lisa is now working at J Salon studios and spa in Lancaster California.

At J Salon, Lisa will be providing organic facials, peels, facial waxing, intense light therapy for anti aging and acne, micro current facial stimulation for instant lifting, makeup lessons, makeup for weddings and events,essential oil therapy, paraffin treatments, and skin wellness. You will also find many wonderful unique skin products that you can purchase for at home use, including Lisa’s own organic body care line.

Lisa has advanced education and techniques in skin care, hair cutting, styling, makeup artistry and weddings.

Lisa’s journey with toxic chemicals lead her to open a business that provides non toxic and safe beauty solutions. She has vast knowledge of organic/natural skincare, body care, hair care and ingredients.She is passionate about wellness and wants to pass on her experience and knowledge to her clients.

Vitalita’ Organics has a body care line! These products are handmade and farm to body. It is literally food for your skin. Our ingredients in these products are very healing and moisturizing. Organic coconut milk, Shea butter, essential oils, organic aloe, unrefined hempseed oil, organic jojoba oil, plantain, sweet almond oil are just a few of the wonderful ingredients. To see the full list of products and ingredients go to our products page.


The product lines we use and retail come from around the world. Our products are not only safe, but are results driven.

Most hair color found in salons, is usually very toxic and chemical laden. It can contain high levels of ammonia, synthetics, PPD, petro chemicals and is most likely a carcinogenic. Standard, main stream color is usually irritating to the skin and eyes.

Our hair color is safe, organic, odor free, non irritating, and creates beautiful, shiny, deep rich color. The color is yogurt based and its called called NaYo by Kemon. It is a permanent hair color and the safest and cleanest on the market. You have to see it to believe it!

We offer products for every beauty need. We have body care, hair care, skincare, gift items, Jane Iredale makeup, Doterra oils, nail care, organic sunscreens, and products for all members of your family.

We carry Unwined soy candles that use recycled wine bottles. We support women in business and fair trade gifts, clothing, jewelry and accessories.

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I guarantee, everything that will be used on you or that you purchase will not to be of harm to you or the environment.

Welcome to Vitalita’ I can’t wait to meet you!